About Us

Pardies For A Purpose was created in 2021 to drive donations to non-profit organizations based on participant successes while playing golf through a customized mobile software app.

This app will facilitate participant pledges for each score (eagle, birdie, par, bogey or other), the recording of participant results during a specific round(s) of golf, the calculation of the resulting contribution and the direct payment to a user-selected non-profit organization.

The origin of the name is based on ...

  • Pardies – Pars & Birdies combined
  • Purpose – Users who use the Pardies For A Purpose mobile app will be able to select their non-profit organization or Purpose beneficiary

My hope is that each golfer who uses Pardies For A Purpose will find satisfaction not only in their personal achievement of particular scores on the course but also in giving to those in need through their selected non-profit organization. I wish you good scores and a deep sense of joy and fulfilment as you continue to play the game you love.

Dan Franz
Founder & CEO
Pardies For A Purpose